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If I have learned one important thing during my marketing studies in Brussels, it is how to transform an idea into reality. As I was not ready to wait until my retirement before fulfilling my dream to travel to the end of the world I proactively elaborated a five-year plan to be on the road for five month each year while using the remaining time to acquire work experience in different sectors to finance my campaigns. After some first backpacking experiences in China, Indonesia and Brazil, I decided to concentrate on overland routes as you save a lot of money on transportation. On these pages you can read my travel reports on a journey through Asia and America.

Life on the road is fun, well, most of the time. Backpackers are all a big family and if you travel alone you will make many new friends. As I am a budget traveller I stay most of the time in guest houses or youth hostels, systematically choose the cheapest means of transport and eat in local restaurants, food stalls or on markets. I try to keep my impact on the local ecologies and economies as low as possible by following one simple principle: do as the locals do. What I really need is my backpack, my hiking sandals, my passport and around 20 EUR per day.

Norman Fisch

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